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Catching the Spirit. Theatrical Assets of Historic Houses and their Approaches in Reinventing the Past: Acts of the 12th Annual DEMHIST Conference, Antwerp, 17-20 October 2011.

Ed. by Werner van Hoof ; organising committee Iris Kockelbergh, Jan Robert, Luc Vanackere, Werner van Hoof ; ICOM International Committee for Historic House Museums (DEMHIST). – Antwerp : Museum Plantin-Moretus, 2012. – 112 p., ill. (English). Shipping costs € 2,50 € (Belgium), € 6,00 (Europe), € 7,00 (outside Europe), only one copy per request.

The 12th DEMHIST conference focused on three main topics: 1. Authenticity and Reinvention – an Intriguing Antagonism?, 2. Theatres of History. The Museum as a Stage, 3. Reinventing the Past. Intangible Aspects.

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Historic House Museums as Witnesses of National and Local Identities: Acts of the 3rd Annual DEMHIST Conference, Amsterdam, 14-16 October 2002 .

Ed. by Rosanna Pavoni ; translated into English by Starleen K. Meyer ; ICOM International Committee for Historic House Museums (DEMHIST). Amsterdam: ICN- Instituut Collectie Nederland [for] DEMHIST, 2003. 176 p., ill. ISBN 90-72905-49-0. (English), € 20

The volume brings together the opening lectures and contributions presented during the third annual meeting of DEMHIST, held in Amsterdam in 2002, as well as the results of the workshops organised during that meeting. The theme of the conference underlined the potential of historic house museums as bearers of local and national identity and history. The meeting gave the participants the opportunity to present and discuss house museums in a broad international perspective, and to compare the situation with the Dutch one.

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New Forms of Management for Historic House Museums? Acts of the 2nd Annual DEMHIST Conference, Barcelona July 2001.

Rosanna Pavoni, ed. Milan: translated into English by Starleen K. Meyer; DEMHIST, 2002: 11 black-and-white illustrations, 115 p., € 20

The volume also contains contributions from joint sessions held during the conference with ICDAD (Relationships Between Authentic Interiors and Assembled Objects) and ICAMT/ICMS (Security, Old Buildings, New Buildings, and the Architects).

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Historic House Museums Speak to the Public: Spectacular Exhibits vs. a Philological Interpretation of History : Acts of the International Conference of DEMHIST ICOM’s International Committee for Historic Houses Genova, 1-4 November, 2000

Rosanna Pavoni , editor. Bergamo : translated into English by Starleen K. Meyer ; Demhist, 2001. 96 p. ill., € 20,-

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House Museums in Italy. New cultural itineraries: poetry, history, art, architecture, music, arts & crafts, tastes and traditions.

Rosanna Pavoni, Rome: Gangemi Editore 2009. – 160 p. – ISBN: 978-88-492-1799-5, € 18

A journey across the country to discover the simple houses and splendid royal palaces. Houses selected not only for their beauty or the fame and importance of their inhabitants, but because they tell a story – always different, always captivating. The house museums are divided into categories: Personality Houses, Collector’s Houses, Houses of Beauty, Houses representative of Historic Events, Local Society Houses, Ancestral Homes, Royal Palaces and Power Houses, Clergy Houses, Vernacular Houses.

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